Dear fellow Zesters,

It is with regret that due to time commitments and the huge decline in the Masternode Market I have made the decision to close down the Zest Project.

Please be assured the decision to close was not an easy one. I just thought it was best to end whilst we still had some funds to reimburse. The longer it runs the less there will be.

For all early adopters I am issuing partial refunds.

With regards to Exchange buyers this is very difficult, firstly due to the fact that the price has wildly fluctuated and also the funds are from the Early Adopter Pool and not the Exchange.

Zest Coin doesnt make any income from the Exchanges. This is a service provided so users are able to Trade and trading comes at a risk to the individual and that is your responsibility not ours.

I have included a link to the Zest refund channel. This will enable you to send me a private message once joined.

Please do not disclose any Wallet addresses or numbers in the main chat as I have already had some people using these numbers to try and obtain unwarranted payments.

All the best,
Mike – Crypto Doji