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Why Zest?

Smart Growth Approach

Smart Growth Approach

Reverse Engineered Roll-out Structure

Reverse Engineered Roll-out Structure

Dedicated Masternode Pools

Dedicated Masternode Pools

Dedicated Masternode Pools
Self-sustaining Ecosystem

Self-sustaining Ecosystem

Balanced Reward Framework

Balanced Reward Framework

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency & Accountability

Being global doesn’t mean you can’t contribute locally.

The Dedicated Accelerated Athletic Masternode pool aims to provide access, opportunity, and support to groups and individuals interested in sport as both a recreational and professional endeavor. Whether it’s helping local youth organizations afford equipment or a team trying to fund their practice times, Zest aims to elevate athletes of all natures to the next level.

Funds on-hand means help comes sooner.

The Dedicated Rapid Relief Masternode Pool aims to help vulnerable citizens in emergency situations by allocating funds to global and local organizations capable of providing just-in-time support services. In the event of natural and man-made disasters, Zest uses reserved funds to enable help in any form required, whether that’s evacuation support, temporary housing, food and water, or beyond. Zest aims to make a meaningful difference when people need it most.

Being part of the platform means you have a say.

The Dedicated Prosperity Masternode Pool looks to support non-profits and charitable organizations that aim to further the public good and focus on quality of life for affected peoples and regions affected around the world. After nominees are shortlisted and voted on, the recipients are revealed in the month of August and receive the total amount of funds (Masternode coin earnings exchanged into BTC or Fiat) found in the Prosperity Pool, allowing them to continue their good work as Zest continues to grow ours.

A fund to find the next generation of thinkers.

The Dedicated Scholars Masternode Pool awards scholarships equal to one year’s worth of tuition to exemplary individuals looking to pursue post-secondary school education. Whether in nanotech, botany, or needlework, any individual with passion and purpose can apply. The Zest Foundation will blind screen each applicant both in the review and voting process to rule out any inherent prejudice or unconscious bias, ensuring the process is as transparent and equitable as the practice Zest preaches. Furthermore, an application will be made available on the Zest website for all looking to submit.

A fund dedicated to sponsoring our Masternode Owners.

Do you own a Zest Masternode and require funding to propel yourself in front of the big stage? Club Zest is an interactive way for Masternode owners to be sponsored by our platform. Whether it’s participating in a marathon or entering a gaming contest, Zest wants to sponsor our Masternode owners and gear them up for their dreams. For example, own a Zest Masternode and have a friend trying to bring their game to the next level? Nominate them and tell us what they want to accomplish. Furthermore, the goal of this fund is to offer an avenue for our Masternode owners to develop and achieve their goals through sponsorship and support by the Zest platform.

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The problems that Zest Solves

Soliciting Public Donations

Soliciting Public Donations

Embezzlement and Fraud

Embezzlement & Fraud

Unsustainable Rewards

Unsustainable Rewards

Diluted Coin Prices

Diluted Coin Prices

High Inflation Rates

High Inflation Rates

Transparency of Fund Allocation

Transparency of Fund Allocation

Zest Timeline

Our Project Roadmap

Q1 2018

Formation of Robust Core Team

Refining Concept & Feedback

Creation & Design of the Lemon Blockchain Protocol

Wallet Design & Creation

Official Website Lauch

Official Whitepaper Release

Q2 2018

Lemon Network Test Launch Official Community

Project Launch YouTube & Website Media

Release Team Travel Launched

Voting Campaigns Offical Launch Nonprofit

Lottery Draw Initiatives Listed on Exchanges

Community & Stakeholder Live YouTube Q&A

Wallet & Masternode Instruction Videos Release

Q3 2018

Community and Stakeholder Feedback Review

Official Nonprofit & Business Partnerships Roll Out Community and Stakeholder Feedback

Review Official Nonprofit &l Business Partnerships Roll Out

Community and Stakeholder Feedback Review

Official Nonprofit & Business Partnerships Roll Out

Q4 2018

Scholarship Fund Media Releases

Voting Initiatives Begin

Sponsorships Begin

IOS App Release

Refine 2019 Goals and Objectives

Zest 2019 Roadmap Released

Zest on Exchanges

Get Zesty Here!

Get Zesty Here!

Building Team

Building the Currency of the internet

Mick Desmond

Mike Rudkin

Banmeet Arora

Eliot Gannon

Tim Nolan

Itamar Salomão

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